Top 8 favorite restaurants in Mangalore

This is a long awaited post by me from me.

I am one of those people who takes pleasure off displaying food posts *devil laughter in the back ground*.So why not an apurvayee post?

Mangalore is the hub for restaurants.In this city of food connoisseurs,good restaurants will never face the dearth of customers.During my stay in Mangalore,I have visited most of the restaurants all thanks to the Corporate lunch/dinner, lack of interest in cooking on weekends,foodie roomie added by forever empty Apu’s tummy.

So here comes my list of top 8 restaurants:

1) Giri Manja’s


This is an extremely significant restaurant in Mangalore. Though chicken items are also available,sea food is the specialty here .Cards are accepted.The place is small and bit congested but always a crowded one.They have converted a home into a restaurant.Don’t expect fine dinning. If you are looking out for ambience,I would recommend you to take a parcel.The service is very good.Not easily noticeable from the road,but everyone knows this place.You will be given a thali with boiled or white rice as per your preference.There are three main curries: daal,fish curry and rasam. You can choose the side dishes.No menu but the staff will recite all the available dishes for you.

Address: Giri Manja’s
Cost:Approx.450-600 INR for two people
Favorite:Prawns/chicken ghee roast,Anjal(Isvon) masala fry

2)Andhra House




Here,I had the best chicken biryani of my life!Typical andhra restaturant. Very Spicy food.Food is served on banana leaf.Small hotel.Reasonable rates for the quantity served.Walkable distance from KSRTC bus stand.They have AC and non-AC seating arrangement with TV.Usually crowded on weekends.They also take home delivery orders.Cards are NOT accepted .Cash only place.I suggest order butermilk or a soft drink if you are not used to spicy food.Personal experience says that after 2-3 bites ,ganga jamuna will start flowing through your eyes!

Address:Andhra House
Cost:Approx. 300-400 INR for two people.
Favorite:Andhra special biryani,Chicken leg roast biryani,Andhra chilly chicken boneless

3)Barbeque Nation


A foodie’s paradise.This is part of a restaurant chain spread all over India.They provide unlimited menu with per head payment with a variety of barbeque starters,buffet for main courses and desserts.Both veg and non veg.This place is worth if you have a good appetite.This is an all-you-can-eat restaurant.Food quality is exceptionally good,with good ambience. The place is usually crowded.The prices differ on weekdays and weekends.Please inquire at the restaurant desk beforehand.Amazing hospitality.Though it gets annoying sometimes as they keep asking your feedback.I even had the main chef asking me how were the starters prepared by him.They have complimentary drinks,and in case it’s anyone’s birthday/anniversary in the group ,they do provide complimentary cake and the waiters sing in chorus.:D.Cards accepted.

Address:Barbeque Nation
Cost:Approx. 600-800 INR per head.This varies based on Veg and Non Veg.Differs on weekdays and weekends.Prefer to go on Monday or Tuesday.
Favorite:Eat whatever you see. Gulab jamuns are love.

4)La Goa Restaurante


I could not contain my excitement when I came to know about this Goa cuisine special restaurant opened in Mangalore. This is a recently opened food point,and hence not much known to locals.I advise you to follow the google map.The restaurant is nicely maintained and gives you a fine dining experience. Goan konkani music in the background.The staff is friendly and can advise you on what to order.Cards accepted.Preferred for group lunch and dinner.Reasonable prices.Nice feeling of authentic Goan cuisine.Could have been more spicy.(Mom cooks better you see:P)

Address:La Goa Restaurante
Cost:Approx.500-600 INR for two people
Favorite:Chicken xacuti,Chicken Bali Bali,Bebinca(Goan dessert made out of coconut milk)




Like Girimanja’s,it’s taste is one of the best in Mangalore and provides you simple thali with side dishes to choose from.Limited menu.Service is lightning fast.This place is heavily crowded,noon and night,all the week.It’s a no nonsense restaurant ,no loitering get in, eat within half n hour and get out.Prices depend on the season.If you are an ambience person,this place is not recommended for you.But if you are a die hard sea food person then Machali feeds your soul:D They provide ample parking space and home delivery.Cards accepted.

Address: Machali
Cost:Approx.600-700 INR for two people
Favorite:Prawns ghee roast,Marwai(Tisryo) sukka, Anjal(Isvon) tawa/masala fry

6)Cherry Square

This is an All-you-can-eat restaurant.This provides an extensive menu with north indian,chinese veg and non veg dishes along with special short eats menu and a wide range of desserts.This restaurant provides comfortable outdoor sitting as well as indoor AC sitting option.Staff is friendly.This place is a perfect place if you are looking for chit-chat with tasty bites.Cash only.Not a crowded place and easily accessible from Jyothi.

Address:Cherry Square
Cost:Approx. 300-400 INR for two people.
Favorite:Chicken Tikka(dry),Some like it hot(dessert),Chicken frankies

7)Thyme Family restaurant

An upscale place,perfect for family and team lunch/diner.Lovely ambience. This is on 4th floor of Bharath mall.Prices are at a higher side,but each and every dish I tried was tasty and of good quality.It provides you an extensive menu including Continental ,Oriental,Indian,Chinese and off course Mangalore specials.Sophisticated service.Attentive staff.I would say overly attentive staff:D.They provide their recommendation as per your taste buds.This restaurant is linked to Spindrift Pub located on the fifth floor and shares the same bar menu.(Ask for it if not given).Cards accepted.

Address: Thyme
Cost:Approx. 800-900 INR for two people.
Favorite:Seafood Alfredo penne pasta,Chicken urwal

8)Savoury Restaurant



This restaurant is located at the lower ground floor of City Center mall.Like Thyme,this is an upscale place and an expensive one.This is recommended if you are a fan of Arabian food,specially kebabs and shawarmas. I had to google out the fancy names in the menu.:D Spacious and clean restaurant.Very fast service.Taste was good.Awesome ambience and Instagram worthy food presentation.Cards accepted.

Address: Savoury Restaurant
Cost:Approx. 700-800 INR for two people.
Recommendation:Drums of heaven,BBQ Chicken

Other awesome options are(Click on the restaurant name for location):



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