Silence is not golden anymore

Their belief is different than yours..

their stories tell a little..few pieces of the puzzle.

you judge.. label them laugh..

illusion you in a small safe perfect square box.glorify the maze you are in.

i tell you.

Close those doors…and the tiny escape holes.

you quit withdraw surrender all.
just deep breathe in and stare. one whole moment.

you hear that? that’silence.deafening silence.engulfing void.

Ever felt the shreds of shattered dreams pierce through the heart?

Ever longed to see someone who can never be yours?

Ever wished to turn time around?

Ever swallowed the bitter regret pills?

Ever saw the whole world against you?

Resonating silence.

Forcing you to face all you run from.all you never wish to disclose.

You want it to stop.go back to the pretentious self.anything,not this.

That’s how the darker side of being lonely is. so much to talk. no one to talk.

next time you slice away their them weird.for being them..realise..
silence is not golden anymore..


1 thought on “Silence is not golden anymore

  1. Rachana Prabhu July 27, 2018 — 5:10 pm

    It’s beautiful..


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