Ithe Bhetla Andaman — Water Water Everywhere


Day 3

The Sun rises quite early here.We went to nearby Aberdeen jetty to leave for North bay island and Viper island.We had to reach before 9am- the cut off time.However,the boats did not start till 10am.It was total chaotic atmosphere with agents hunting for customers.We two, finally caught hold of guy ,who asked us 6K per head for scuba diving.We bargained till 3K.and then waited for our boat named “Island waves”.However,due to last minute changes we spent our next 40-45 minutes on “Monica”.



As per our research and locals,Havelock and Neil are the two awesome islands for Scuba diving due to clean water.However,due to recent situations,we decided to go for North Bay island.IMG_20161212_101027393

Too much of crowd.We had to wait almost an hour for our turn.After that,we got the scuba suits.I was little skeptical to sign the Scuba diving agreement which mentioned “We are not responsible for any accidents such as death”:o

This is me just before diving!:PDSCN7880

Our diver bhaiyyas(:D:D) were very good.The water wasn’t crystal clear but we were able to see many underwater creatures and the corals.However,it was for a short duration,hardly 15-20 mins,I suppose:( . But we got our scuba diving certificates.he haa he haa. The receptionist tried his level best to impress us saying he is going to Goa as Scuba diving trainer.Aarrgh!!

Later,the same boat took us to Viper island.There is nothing much to see here except for the ruins of Faansighar(gallows).Prisoners were kept on this island before cellular jail was built.What made the visit interesting is the way the boat guide explained the atrocities performed.A lot of damage is done to this island by the Tsunami and the recent storms.I would suggest to skip this island off your list.

Came back to the main island by afternoon.We visited Gandhi park which is in the center of the city.A nice green clean place to hangout in case you don’t have anything else to do:P

Day 4

Our next day plan was to visit Baratang island but nothing went as planned.We missed our morning 4am bus to baratang as our hotel was remotely located. We went to Chatham saw mill,which holds the record of being Asia’s largest and oldest saw mill; but that was closed due to public holiday.

We took an auto to Corbyn’s cove beach.As per google,this is one of the most scenic beaches in Andaman.But we found it dirty ,thanks to the recent storms.

The next stop was Joggers park.People of all ages hang out here.This place is situated on a hill close to the airport.


We took an auto to the hotel.The locals are very friendly.The auto driver asked us if we liked Andaman.I still remember his dialogues “Madam,bahut acchi jagah hai yeh..aur safe bhi. chori vagaira to yaha jyada hoti hi nahi hai..waha main land pe chori karo to idhar udhar bhaag sakte ho..yahan se kahan jaoge?”

To be continued…



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