Ithe Bhetla Andaman — What to sea?

This idea had popped up in my mind when I bought the map at airport.Visiting the tourism department to get an idea about the significance and transport arrangements to various tourist attractions as the department is right at the center of the city.We met a very nice lady,Kasturi ma’am,who took us through all the available packages.Due to the thunderstorms, the transport to the chief attractions Neil and havelock islands was suspended.However,scuba diving was provided at the North Bay Island,nearer to Port Blair compared to the other two islands.Now we had a rough idea of what are we going to do here!

We had an amazing lunch at New Light House Restaurant,at a walkable distance from cellular jail.


There is a fisheries museum right behind the restaurant.It gives an informative coverage of the marine life.You cannot miss to take a pic with the skeleton of whale right outside the museum 😛


Next stop,Samudrika Naval Marine Museum.This is a museum run by Indian Navy.This museum provided us with quite amusing info about Andamans such  only live volcano in the Indian continent,barren Island;the variety of tribes,the hostile sentinelese whose current population is estimated to be only 39,the Nicobarese who joined the mainstream civilization a couple of decades back,the Shompens,the Jarawa,the Great Andamanese,the Onge;and  glimpses of the marine life in Andaman, the fishes, corals and shells.The name of Andaman is derived from Lord Handuman,or Hanuman who is said to have used the islands as stepping stones on his journey to Sri Lanka across the sea.The name Nicobar seems to be corruption of a South Indian term Nakkavaram(land of Naked).We spent almost an hour here.This museum served as a perfect introduction to Sea:).

and me..:P

Sun Set.We reached back to hotel after museum as we had something very special planned for the next day.

To be continued…


3 thoughts on “Ithe Bhetla Andaman — What to sea?

  1. The last picture is the best!


      1. You’re welcome 😁


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