What I did Last Feb Part 3 – TumTum Tummy

So, we headed for Kavaloor. Cab driver dropped us(and those bags) to Bannikoppa bus stop. It was around 8 o’clock at night.All I could see were two small stalls. Bus’s arrival time was around 8.30.We entered one of the stalls;the local guys had a look and completely ignored us:P We(means Saavi..I dare not try my Kannada this time) asked the stall keeper if we could get two cups of tea.(FTR,we both are die hard tea connoisseurs). He offered us two cutie pie cups of strong tea.He also asked us if we are relatives of “Badi Haveli” of the village 😀 At that time,one TumTum wala guy called us.Since he claimed of having ample(?) space,we decided to take the offer.I asked the stall keeper,”Yeshtu?(How much?)”.He said “Aaru”(6).I thought I heard him wrong and hence, asked him again.He showed six fingers.My jaw dropped.6 for two cups of tea!! Where was I? As I had only 5Rp and I was hurrying to get back the TumTum, the stall keeper was generous enough to take only 5Rp instead of 6! I somehow managed to find a Rupee coin and handed it over.He gave a warm smile.I was touched.I have met so many people who try to loot at each and every point and here he was courteous enough to leave one rupee of the trivial 6-rupees-for-two cups!! :))

So, we got into the TumTum. We were totally five, including the driver! The driver, two guys on either of his sides,me and Saavi in the back seat.The luggage had taken most of the space.There began the 8 kilometers of roller coaster ride!! Firstly,there was no pakka road; it was as if the potholes are daring you to ride on it with green fields on either of its sides,not a single house in that 8 km stretch and darkness!! TumTum was shaking so violently that it was indeed a miracle that I was not thrown out of it.I had my left foot placed safely on the footboard,left hand holding up the ceiling hanging and the remaining body parts clutching the luggage, all for my dear life.

But one important thing to mention:Though it was an isolated road,the three guys did not make us feel uncomfortable for even a moment. 🙂

After some 15-20 minutes,we reached Kavaloor. Saavi’s family was waiting for us.We walked towards her house.I was in my normal avatar- rusty shirt,deeply faded jeans,high pony,back pack and the wide toothed smile but to the Kavaloor people,I was no different than an Alien.:( After the initial Namaskaras and round of introductions,we changed into pajamas and sat for dinner.First bite ended up with tears rolling down on my cheeks. 😥 So spicy! I wanted to eat the food as Aunt had prepared with so much love,but the spices took over me.Later,I had to gulp down a lot of sugar and water.:( 

We had a plan of going to the nearby Village,Alwandi the next morning.When we got up Aunt was already preparing Holige(PooranPoli) for us.(Sllluuuuurrrrrppppp!)

We went to Saavi’s Dodappa-Dodamma’s(Uncle-Aunt) for breakfast.Having Saavi playing the role of translator,the visit was quite funny.Everyone used to make a joke –everyone used to laugh –then Saavi used to translate the joke–then I laugh–and seeing my funny laugh,everyone used to laugh again .The cycle continued till the delicious breakfast arrived.Shamelessly,I asked for more till my tummy gave a jolt. Dodamma referred to me as “Big boss girl” partly because of the sling bag I used to carry.:P I also met her Granny,an ardent devotee of Renukadevi,telling me that I might get married by this year 😐

After a test ride for the sake of convincing everyone that I can kick and ride and carry Saavi safely,we set off for Alwandi on the “heavy duty” bike.

Several heads turned and quite a few vehicles halted as the first female rider, the village had ever seen, made her journey(This was confirmed by Saavi later).The raging Sun might have planned to gift us a lifetime worth of tan.We stopped near a farm. Jowar,brinjal,sunflowers,chilies,etc.There are huge farms in this area.But they do not yield much due to lack of water.

We entered Alwandi. It was as if an Alien spaceship had landed right at the center of the Village.:P Enjoyed the hospitality shown by the family.Ate a lot 😛 Like really a lot.They tried their best to get along as much as possible as I relied mostly on sign language and little bit of ‘Hegiddeera'(How are you?) and ‘Channagiddeeni'(I am fine).

 Returned to Kavaloor and had yumm PooranPoli thali.

All the ingredients that made up this yummy food came from the same farm we had visited:D

We then visited a nearby haveli, which is now abandoned and is sometimes used for Kannada serial shooting.

The last stop of the day was the Haldi ceremony.One of the customs involved wearing green glass bangles by every lady in the house.A lady was waiting for us with different sized bangles in a basket.Green bangles on jeans looked quite weird,but I thoroughly enjoyed the sight:P

And clicked a very happy pic of the beautiful bride:)

It was time for me to leave.Aunt packed delicious food stuff for me.Almost everyone came to drop me off at the bus stop.I was overwhelmed by the love they showed.Bid good bye to them and climbed up the bus to Koppal on a very happy note.:D

So ladies and gentlemen,

Here marks the end of the 3-part post.Thank you for reading .:) Please leave me a feedback in the comment section:)




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