What I did Last Feb Part 1 – Humpi-Dumpi

Why I went to Hampi? I don’t know 😛 .

Unlike my all other trips, I did not research much on this one. Partly because Saavi  had been there few years back plus she is from North Karnataka(yaya..wohi NorthIndiaSouthIndiawala types) and I , for once wanted it to be an unplanned trip..and it did not turn out to be one (*deep sigh*)

So we took a late night bus to Hosapet(12km from Hampi).Being a back packer, all my essentials were lying  safely on my back. We reached Hosapet at around 8 am. The moment we got down from the bus ,we were surrounded by Autowalas(asking for a whooping Rs 200).We somehow dragged ourselves to the main bus stand and took bus to Hampi(thirty two rupees wonly).

 Since I did not google much, the view of our guest house was quite unexpected. The guest houses looked kind-a mud huts to me.They were well maintained to look like a typical Indian village.Nicely cleaned,cow dung painted road, cattle shed outside the guest house ,colourful cloth shops ..well ..didn’t see that coming. We found the guest house that we had booked but since the people had not checked out yet, the owner asked us..”Maadaam,Kan yew  waittabit?Yew kan haav breakfast heya and then go to  that rivaa.Juzz 3 minuite walk. There’ll be an elephant named Laakshmi taking baath therrr”.Totally foreign accent. We went for breakfast in the restaurant and regretted instantly after we placed the order.I mean who pays Rs.150 for a paratha and teaL.

There are many roadside stalls which serve much tastier food at a cheaper rate( which we found out later!)

We freshened up and took an Auto. Bikes can be preferred, if you don’t mind the scorching heat. Due to time constraints, we did not take help of any guide. But I used to linger around keeping an ear out for information. Since I had a DSLR in my hand, no one got to know the tactic.

Shri Krishna Temple
The Hampi Bazar

Hampi is majorly ruins and remains. The Hampi Bazaar, right opposite to Shri Krishna  temple,was once the center of flourishing trade.We then visited places like Ugra Narasimha,Badavlinga Temple,Underground Shiva Temple.

Underground Shiva Temple
Sister stones

Suddenly our Auto guy stopped our zuk zuk gaddi right in the middle of road. We both stretched our necks outside. Nothing spectacular. But then he got down and showed us these two huge boulders called sister stones. The legend says that once two sisters visited the city and were sitting here saying some bad things about Lord Shiva.He heard it and converted them to stones!OOpsie..I got down to take a pic and then I saw a long queue of Autos..all drivers getting down and pointing at stones. It was a funny view:P

Lotus Mahal

With the help of mango dollies,tender coconut,nimboo soda; we managed to get to Zenana enclosure. Entry fee is Rs.30/-.The one structure I liked the most was Lotus Mahal. This was built for the entertainment of Royal ladies. The exquisite carving and the symmetry! Hats off dude!

Elephant stable

Well,even the elephants of the royal families had some spacious and sophisticated shelter arrangements:P

History is carved in stones. Such minute details have been so effectively portrayed! In most of the cases,no two stones are glued together..either carved in a single stone or arranged one above the other…600+years and still standing strong!

By now I was like this

And Saavi was trying to lift stones:P

Mahanavami dibba is the tallest platform in Hampi.The king used this platform to watch march-pasts,musical performances and most importantly Navaratri celebrations. In reality,it does give Jodha Akbar kind-a feeling .Wherever we go, foreign tourists(or better say travellers) outnumbered desi ones. and I caught few of them in my camera.

Mahanavami Dibba

And here I was not able to keep my feet on ground ,forget Head:D. Too much of heat, and then we found Queen’s swimming pool..well… without water off course!

Queen’s bath

A man next to me asked the guide,”So what kind of swimming costume did queen use?” Not Funny boss!

Stone chariot
Vitthala Temple

This is a must visit Temple complex. We had a long shooting round hereJ.We then started walking towards Achyutaraya temple.

It was a stony walk. I don’t think I ever said “stones” so many times in a day!We lost our way somewhere in those stones.. had to take help of the localites  and after some 20 mins of walk we finally found the temple.

Achyutaraya temple

It was already 6 pm.We wanted to go to Matanga hill for the Sunset.But we had a long way to go up the hill and localites refused to show us the way saying it is“to risky for two girls”. We took the way back to main city.

Another 2 kilometer stone trek and we finally reached main city and entered Virupaksha temple. This is the only functional temple where prayers are offered on a daily basis.I finally saw the elephant Lakshmi which the guest house owner had described.After a dozen of bananas,she finally allowed me to stroke her trunk.She is succha cutie pie..MMMMuuuah!!!!

We sat here for some time because of aching legs.We found Mr.Hulugappa ,a government approved guide with whom we inquired about the transport arrangement for the next day(Told ya I did not research muchJ).After finalizing the deal,we went back to the guest house.I was dead hungry and entered a relatively nice looking restaurant.(did not dare enter the morning wala restaurant) .I picked up the menu.For a few seconds, I could not comprehend the names though they appeared English .Here it is 🙂

We moved back to our room silently planning the next day.
Part 2 will be coming soon. So stay tuned

(I meant visit the blog again:P..whatt..I liked that phrase:D)


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