The Ankle Katha

Goshhhh !! I slammed my room door shut and jumped over my bed. I had just returned from yet another trip; Mysore-Coorg with my beloved lunch gang. I was so tired that I dozed off only to get awakened by “Lag ja gale ke phirrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…”.Oh yeah! That’s my ringtone. I threw a sleepy glance at my phone screen. Mom calling!! A call you just can’t dare to miss plus I had so much to tell her. My mom is an awesome listener; particularly when her daughter is back after an “I-want-to-travel-around-the-world-madly” trip.  “ Ha  maa, I was back to Mysore campus. And I did river rafting too” I said. ” That can wait! What did the doctor say?” mom asked in her usual“I am your boss, my baby” tone.
It took a three and half seconds time and then it hit me! I had an ankle sprain and I was supposed to go to Doctor last weekend. Oh damn!
“Err!!”I stuttered.” You didn’t go. Did you?”
Needless to say, I went to visit the Physiotherapist in our office clinic the following morning. I took Aishu with me, as she had complained about wrist and arm pain some days back. At the doorstep of the clinic, we saw so many people-guys-waiting for the doctor. This could either mean half of the office has got bone issues or… ” She came!”Aishu whispered. Oh! Her looks totally justified the mad rush. 😛
We were greeted with a warm smile as we entered. I was scanning the clinic while listening to both of them discussing about bones, ligaments and muscles. I don’t have Nosocomephobia (google baby google) but the instruments scared me a little. I was asked to sleep on the cot and show where exactly the pain is. Alright readers, I had twisted my ankle some months back and did not care to go to doctor as it was not troubling me much. Being in corporate system for more than a year now, I knew how to dodge guilt bullet. Doctor tried rotating my ankle in all the ways possible to locate the issue. I was asked to put ice bags on the ankle for good 10-15 minutes every day so that pain will eventually subside over the course of a fortnight. I was even prescribed with ankle brace. Brace yourself, I thought.
I went to one of the famous medical stores in my town. I usually don’t spend that much time in changing room as much I spent in trying every ankle brace of every brand possible. And at last I got the perfect fit.:)
I was happy as I had some update to give to my mom. But it was unanimously decided that my leg has been pathetically fractured, added by my negligence and I was called home. I went to my manager with a paavam face and got a leave approved with a lots of must do’s.
I entered our city’s very famous orthopedician’s   private clinic and was enlightened with the fact that half of the city’s population is suffering from bone related diseases. Despite it being a working day, after some bargaining, we finally got the number 13 in the evening queue as morning queue was overflowing . Mom and I joined in an already long queue in the afternoon itself. After, what it felt like, ages we were finally called inside cabin. As usual, I looked at mom. After a lot of ankle rotation and doctor- patient talks, Doctor asked me what I do.
“Oh  awesome! You are a software engineer!” he exclaimed. All thanks to my height and forever young look (proud?….aha),I am used to such reactions. But he added “I love your city”. I know few of my colleagues who curse this city, so I was eager to know what made Doctor love it. ”I had gone there for medical conference. They took me to this hotel. Chicken biryani and  “tupaan budayalle chicken”. Gotcha!! Paalkhi’s chicken ghee roast! ”Sure doctor, let me know when you come there next time!Will take you to Narayana..”:P
After a session of exposure to X-ray(no fracture!!) and some idharudhar ka gyan, we were sent back home with some 3K worth medicines . I was least worried as I was so sure that my leg will be fine within few days.
But no luck! Even after 15 days of medicinal dose, there was no improvement. In fact, gradually pain started increasing. After few lectures from my friends, I thought of consulting another doctor.  I went to Dr.MS from a very famous medical college.”Rs.500 Registration fee and Rs.300 consultation fee” snapped receptionist. (Brace yourself, baby)
We were directed to nearby building. I saw Dr.MS talking very enthusiastically to his students. ”Can I come in Sir?” Me (as a polite person). ”Yeah sure” I started my presentation on ankle sprain. I have a habit of clicking pictures of almost every small thing happening in my life. So the random clicks of ankle brace, medicines came quite handy while explaining my tragic story.
Doctor’s expression changed from funny to serious within few minutes. ”Come inside” I followed him. To my horror, his students too, followed us with stern expression and a notepad. The same lying down on cot, rotating ankle in different ways, checking various trigger points on ankle etc. but this time with an additional seven pairs of eyes boring into me. He asked me few questions and then repeated the answers to his students in a more elaborative manner. To my relief, he referred to me as “the patient”; and not “the subject” (Thanks, Munnabhai).
The moment of diagnosis arrived. ”You know Apurva, you might have permanently damaged your ankle”.  That was an invisible tight slap!! ”zzzz What?”  ”I am saying, you might have!” .With half an hour dose of how IT lifestyle is spoiling my health, a deep fear of losing my walking ability and another pile of medicines , prescribed anklet, ortho footwear(indoors/outdoors), I headed back home.
Moral of the story: HEALTH IS WEALTH!!It has been six months now . I have still not fully recovered from the sprain. Why did I write this? I don’t want anyone else to take their health as lightly as I did. Today I look at my foot braced by anklet and think, had I been on bed rest in the initial days, I might have not taken such a long period for the ligament tear to heal completely.
Thanks for the time 😀

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