Go clicking

The world of photography is a strange one indeed. Most  of us start shooting because we love pictures and wish to create something. Along the way though we get drawn into a web. Is this camera better or that one? Should I buy more expensive equipment? We start obsessing over the technicals and believe that we can make better pictures with more advanced cameras.

Due to this equipment snobbery, a lot of us believe that cell phone photography is frivolous. But then what if we were to tell you that even an ordinary cell phone is a box of creativity lying in your pocket just waiting to be discovered?

A cell phone is more or less ubiquitous in our daily lives. We carry one around everywhere. After the best camera is the one that you actually bother to carry with you, everywhere you go. Isn’t it?

To shoot great pictures, you do not really need to go to a picturesque location like the Taj Mahal or document a life-changing event. There are great images to be made absolutely everywhere! Even things that we consider “nothing” otherwise can make interesting subjects. For instance, your cell phone can capture a beam of light, a falling drop, a curiously shaped twig or even a light hearted moment during a boring lecture.

It seems that India is one of the world’s best places for street photography as we come across so many different people with different temperaments. So give it a try..

Experiment with settings to enhance the mood of the image. Discover the magical ways of shooting different “avatars” of nature and you can end up getting some really stunning photographs. Before you photograph a “live” subject, observe it for a while to understand its behavior. Do not rush or make any loud sounds or you might just scare away your little subjects. Visualize how you want the light to fall on your subject. Accordingly try to highlight the most interesting feature of your object. Self-assignments allow you to sharpen your skills. Choose topics that are interesting to you and give yourself a time frame to complete the assignment. Avoid thinking of the regular, typical frames and compositions that you know of. Shoot from unusual angles and even shoot randomly. The wackier you get, the more spontaneous and fresh you can make your images.

KEEP SHOOTING! Shoot a lot of pictures on different occasions and keep experimenting with different subjects and framing. After all a simple rule to get some great photographs is to shoot a lot of pictures in the first place.

Great photography knows no rules and regulations. It is not bound by time or space. While a casual attitude may not always be good, it does help to steer away from the convention sometimes.

The best thing about cell phone photography is that no one takes you seriously. Most places that disallow photography do not stop people from snapping away on their cell phone cameras. So it might be actually an advantage sometimes to keep that heavy DSLR away!!

While trying to improve our technique and become a better photographer, we often forget that photography is all about having fun. Cell phone camera ensures that we keep ‘seeing’ all the time. The end result is not as important as the fact that you had fun.So go out there and shoot and stop only when you get a phone call!!!


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